Migration to Android

Change is usually not very easy.

But you are at a point where your aging hardware and software systems are not supporting your business process adequately or they are not working well with other modern systems you have in place. Or may be the underlying software itself is coming to an ‘end of life support’ without a clear replacement in sight. It may even be that you have business processes that rely on paper based systems that you would like to modernize and decided to go the Android route.

We can walk with you every step of the way, right from evaluating if Android is the right path for you to going live with a brand new business application and supporting that application.


Ask our clients!

  • We have migrated complex business applications running on several different technologies, including older Windows Mobile technologies, to Android.
  • We have helped migrate clients from paper-based systems to Android.
  • We have created brand new applications, right from scratch, on Android.
  • We know the pitfalls, the potholes and the ‘gotcha’s. We will get you there. Don’t take our word for it.