RhoMobile for the Enterprise by Kutir Mobility

With the announcement today (May 4, 2016) from Zebra about open sourcing Rhomobile, Kutir is excited to announce that we will be one of the maintainers of the open source product.

Building ‘Enterprise class’ mobile applications for the 21st century requires a dynamic technology platform and a lot of experience.

Not only does today’s Enterprise Mobile Architecture require a flexible cross platform framework approach for writing applications once and allowing one to build code specifically for the major operating systems, but also a highly responsive, forward thinking set of support offerings.

Zebra’s recent release of the entire RhoMobile cross platform development software stack under the MIT open source license model deliver’s the modern enterprise the tools, API’s and the enhanced release cycle that the Enterprise market place has been waiting for, with the additional strength of a true community backing.

However, to ensure Enterprise reliability it must be supplemented with the comfort that there is an experienced group of Engineers following an established set of quality assurance standards.

Combining the two should result in a scalable platform that delivers the certainty and control of a mature open source project with access to some of the most practiced experts in the technology.

Enter Kutir Mobile Technologies and our RhoMobile for the Enterprise Support offerings.

Why Kutir Mobility ?

An early adopter and RhoMobile Development partner since 2010 we have spend the last 5 years establishing ourselves as the Premier developer of RhoMobile Enterprise Applications across industry verticals.

Our expertise in the RhoMobile Platform resulted in Zebra’s 2014 ISV Partner of the Year award, our depth of experience is leveraged worldwide by organizations building out their mobile strategies and the applications that extend their Enterprise systems to the mobile worker.

Kutir Mobility has Representatives and Engineers in all key time zones around the world to ensure your applications and people have the support they need.

The Subscription Offering

RhoMobile for the Enterprise is an extension of our consulting experience and offers the ‘single throat to choke’ needed to validate an Enterprise investment in an open source platform.

Kutir is a core contributor to the Apache-submitted open source RhoMobile project. In conjunction with our strategic partners at Tau Technologies we provide the platform engineering and the Enterprise support the modern Enterprise requires.

Kutir Mobility extends the RhoMobile platform patches, hot-fixes, updates and support offerings with our specialized Consultative Support and the in depth expertise needed to really make your mobile applications perform.

Leveraging our dozens of successful enterprise application builds and trouble shooting engagements over the last 5 years, our experiences are now available to subscribed customers through our bundled Consultative Support offerings :

Buy an Annual RhoMobile subscription from Kutir, choose the Consultative bundle to suit your needs, or build your own.

Please contact info@kutirmobility.com for more details.