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Improve visibility into asset utilization,
chain of custody
and ROI

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Improve visibility into asset utilization, chain of custody and ROI

Seamless tracking of assets, increased accountability and better loss prevention


Are all of your assets being put to use so you can realize an ROI on them?

Are any of your assets are going missing because keeping track of them is too cumbersome?

Do you really know if John returned his gear before going home? Can you even tell which company-owned assets he was using?

With Asset360, you can instantly get answers to questions like

  • Who has a specific asset?
  • What’s the last time anyone used this particular asset?
  • Who was the last person to use an asset that has gone missing?
  • Where was this asset last seen?
  • What assets are due for maintenance next month?
  • Are there any leases coming up for renewal?

Asset360 enables all types of assets to be tracked. From rugged handheld devices, laptops, company-issued phones, printers, refrigerators or freezers – if it’s something you’d rather not have to buy again, it’s worth tracking.

  • No more time wasted figuring out who was issued company equipment and whether they returned it before leaving for the day. The Asset360 dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of important, actionable information.
    • Overdue / not returned assets
    • Expiring warranties
    • Expiring leases
    • Coming due for calibration or maintenanceNo more time wasted figuring out who was issued company equipment and whether they returned it before leaving for the day. The Asset360 dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of important, actionable information.
  • Just-in-time notifications alert supervisors right away when assets are not returned. Now they can ask John for a mobile device that he checked out, as he leaves for the day, instead of waiting two weeks to realize that the device is missing (and now a replacement has to be purchased).
  • Track all kinds of high-value assets. With a combination of RFID tags, QR Codes, traditional barcodes and (for smart devices) Asset360 on-device software, all asset types are covered.
  • Proactive alerts for upcoming maintenance, warranty coverage and lease returns
  • “Asset 123 was last seen near location ABC” – track mobile assets as they move through your facility.
  • Did someone leave a refrigerator half-open? Do you know for how long? With Asset360’s sensor integration and proactive alerts, you can react before it’s too late to salvage the goods inside.
  • Keep accountability close to the source. Asset360 is flexible enough to have separate departments see and receive alerts only for their own assets (and a supervisor will still have access to everything)
Our streamlined check-out / check-in process ensures accountability and chain-of-custody traceability with minimum overhead
  • Asset360 requires a worker to ‘check out’ and assume responsibility for operational equipment
    • Workers can do this themselves in a self-service, unattended mode…
    • … or a manager can be in charge of assigning equipment to workers
  • The system will automatically link that equipment to the worker until it is returned
  • When the equipment is no longer needed, it is returned and marked as available.
  • If any items are not returned in time, Asset360 alerts the supervisor with exactly what items are missing and who they were assigned to
  • Various Escalation levels and paths can be setup so that assets of a company can be tracked and monitored up the hierarchy of the company

Asset360 delivers an organizational administrator an at-a-glance dashboard status of all assets and their locations as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs). Reporting and alerting escalates as time limits and thresholds are exceeded, indicating overdue assets and actionable next steps for supervisors.

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Supported asset types include:
  • Desktops (Mac, Win10, Linux)
  • Laptops (Mac, Win10, Linux)
  • Company assigned phones (iOS, Android)
  • Rugged devices (WM, Android)
  • Non-rugged devices (WM, Android, iOS)
  • Printers (mobile and traditional)
  • Vehicles
  • Desks and other furniture
  • Operations Inventory
  • Industrial temperature-controlled equipment (refrigerators, freezers, beverage centers, food and sushi display cases, etc.)
  • And much more…
How are my Assets Performing?

Asset360 agents run quietly in the background on most major operating systems, reporting on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a given device and helping administrators answer questions like:

  • When was the in-service date?
  • When is the next calibration due?
  • When is the maintenance contract due?
  • Battery strength? WiFi strength?
  • Lease term expiry?
  • Asset temperature, humidity, door open / close?
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Optional - Next-level smart device analytics

Today’s smart devices are capable of collecting a wealth of metrics. Asset360 has an optional software component called “Agents” that can run on mobile devices, laptops and servers. These Agents collect information like how long a particular device has been used in a time period, how is the battery performing, what the WiFi signal strength is in a building etc.

All of these device metrics are captured periodically and then analyzed by Asset360 to provide proactive intelligence like whether a battery needs to be replaced, which employees are using their company-issued devices as they are supposed to and for how long, what percentage of time is being dedicated to operating which company-issued applications, etc.

Optional - Extended Application Use Management

If you have ever wondered whether your mobile devices are actually being used for the purpose they were acquired for, Asset360 can help answer that question for you.

Leveraging the Asset360 Agents running on mobile devices, Asset360 can provide additional value to an organization by surfacing key usage insights:

  • How many of your devices are actually being used
  • Which applications are being used
  • How much time is being spent on different applications

Kutir Mobility enables an ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT STRATEGY to extract all available value from your assets to deliver an impactful solution to the bottom line.

Optional - Integration with MDMs and EMMs

Asset360 is designed to work as a companion to MDMs and EMMs like Airwatch, SOTI etc. Devices can be provisioned using the MDMs and data can be imported into Asset360 or vice versa. While MDMs and EMMs can help you track some aspects of mobile assets, Asset360 can, in addition, help you track much much more.

Optional - Integration with LDAP/Active Directory

For companies that have user information in LDAP or Active Directory or other such systems, Asset360 can integrate with them to authenticate and authorize users. This helps with using the existing authentication infrastructure as well as with Single Sign On (SSO).

You’re in control: On-Premise or Cloud-Hosted

Asset360 is hosted in the cloud to provide scalability, redundancy and fault-tolerance. The architecture of Asset360 also allows for your private Asset360 to be physically located in specific geographies to satisfy legal, privacy and other requirements.
For organizations that desire everything to be hosted behind their firewall, Asset360 also has an on-premise version available.

RFID Support

As RFID technology evolves and becomes cheaper, more and more organizations have started adopting RFID technologies for faster and more efficient tracking of their assets.

Asset360 has built-in support for reading both passive and active RFID tags. Additionally, Asset360 supports both fixed and mobile RFID readers. With fixed RFID readers, Asset360 can track whether a set of assets are leaving a company’s warehouse or coming back in after being used in the field.

Because multiple RFID tags can be scanned at once, by using fixed RFID readers, warehouse and other similar employees can track multiple assets in one go whether they are loaded onto a cart or a luggage container or others.

Mobile RFID readers are also supported.

Built for a Worldwide audience

Asset360 can be used all around the globe, for different use cases and in different languages. Parlez-vous français? ¿Habla español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Our friendly localization and customization team can get your organization running on Asset360 and adapt the system as necessary for your use case.

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Built for humans

Take a look at our screenshots – this is not the typical boring application you and your workers dread using. Our superior interface design helps organizations reduce training time and increase adoption – and because not all organizations are the same, Asset360 works on most devices so you can use what works best for you.

iOs and Android compatible

For those unbelievers, there is a trial offering. Download and use the application for free for a month, and if you don’t like, it is on us!

Just fill out your name and your company email address and download instructions will be sent out to you within 24 hours.

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