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Asset360 enables at a glance insight into asset chain of custody and asset performance maximizing return on investment

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Asset360 enables at a glance insight into asset chain of custody and asset performance maximizing return on investment

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Asset360 enables all types of assets to be tracked from rugged handheld devices, laptops, company issued phones, printers, refrigerators or freezers.

  • How a refrigerator is performing?
  • Who has a mobile device?
  • Where it was last seen? When it is due for service, lease return or maintenance ?

Asset360 enables management of high-value assets, their locations and conditions within an organization.

By leveraging 3rd party sensors and RFID, the Asset360 value proposition is further enhanced, becoming the building blocks for a corporate Internet of Things (IOT) strategy.

  • An at-a-glance dashboard status of all assets, their locations, their condition and their status.
  • For movable assets (both electronic and non-electronic), reporting and alerting escalates as the predetermined time limits and thresholds are exceeded, indicating overdue assets and the actionable next steps for Supervisors.
  • Creation of a custom notification hierarchy and escalation alert path.
  • Tracking of non-electronic assets using RFID asset tags, barcodes or QR codes.
  • Ability to graphically track and be alerted to maintenance, warranty issues, and lease returns.
  • Facility based location tracking by MAC address.
  • For static or fixed assets, ability to Monitor and Report on them using IoT sensors to track supply-chain conditions through the same portal.
  • Open, extensible and customizable to suit organizational work flows.
Equipment Check-in / Check-out
  • Asset360 requires a worker to ‘check out’ and assume responsibility for operational equipment at the beginning of a shift.
  • Leveraging bar code scanning, facial recognition or personal PIN to associate equipment with a name or badge number gives a Supervisor a starting point when devices are not returned at the end of the shift.
  • Asset360 delivers an organizational administrator an at a glance dashboard status of all assets and their locations as well as the key performance indicators. Reporting and alerting escalates as the predetermined time limits and thresholds are exceeded, indicating overdue assets and the actionable next steps for Supervisors.
  • Asset360 is customizable to suit organizational work flows and is open and extensible capable of integrating with existing LDAP, inventory and ERP systems. Cloud based or on premise.
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Asset types include:
  • Desktops (Mac, Win10, Linux
  • Laptops (Mac, Win10, Linux)
  • Company assigned phones (iOS, Android, Win10)
  • Rugged devices (WEHH, Android)
  • Non-rugged devices (WEHH, Android, iOS)
  • Printers (mobile and traditional)
  • Vehicles
  • Desks and other furniture
  • Operations Inventory
  • Equipment (fridges, freezers, etc.)
  • And much more…
How are my Assets Performing?

Asset360 agents run quietly in the background on most major operating systems, reporting on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a given device and helping administrators answer questions like:

  • When was the in-service date?
  • When is the next calibration due?
  • When is the maintenance contract due?
  • Battery strength? WiFi strength?
  • Lease term expiry?
  • Asset temperature, humidity, door open / close?
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Device Analytics

Asset360 has an optional software component called Agents that can run on mobile devices, laptops and servers. These Agents collect information like how long a particular device has been used in a time period, how is the battery performing, what the WiFi signal strength is in a building etc. All of these device metrics are captured periodically and then analyzed by Asset360 to provide proactive intelligence like whether a battery needs to be replaced, where the WiFi Access points should be placed for optimum connectivity, which employees are using their company-issued devices as they are supposed to and for how long etc.

Managing Application Use

Leveraging the Asset360 client-agents running on mobile devices, Asset360 can provide additional value to an organization through application use metrics. Although not core to Asset360, these extensions can be provided as custom enhancements to capture all application use on a per-user basis.

Asset360 will track all application usage on a device allowing Administrators to determine the reporting hierarchy through filters. Opportunities include but not limited to:

  1. Exception reporting. i.e.: Devices not used for ‘X’ days.
    Display on the dashboard
    Send an email to the respective District Manager and Regional Director for exception devices.
  2. Device usage stats
    Select display criteria, select store(s), district(s), region(s) and date range. See multiple devices for stores with multiple devices.
  3. Application usage stats
    Select by stores(s), district(s), region(s) and date range.

Internationalization and Localization (I10 and L10)

Asset360 is designed to be used across multiple geographies.

As such, it is built ground-up to support multiple languages and can be localized to suit the needs of a particular geographic region.

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On-Premise or Cloud Hosted

Asset360 is hosted in the cloud on AWS servers to provide scalability, redundancy and fault-tolerance. The architecture of Asset360 also allows for AWS instances of a particular company to be in specific geographies to satisfy their legal, privacy and other requirements.

For companies that desire everything to be hosted on their premises behind their firewall, Asset360 has an on-premise version. This allows them to control the version of Asset360, the servers it is hosted on and the upgrade cycle.


RFID Support

As RFID technology evolves and becomes cheaper, more and more companies have started adopting RFID technologies for faster and efficient tracking of their assets.

Asset360 has IN-BUILT SUPPORT for reading both passive and active RFID tags. Additionally, Asset360 supports both fixed and mobile RFID readers. With fixed RFID readers, Asset360 can track whether a set of assets are leaving a company’s warehouse or coming back in after being used in the field. And because multiple RFID tags can be scanned at once, by using fixed RFID readers, warehouse and other similar employees can track multiple assets in one go whether they are loaded on a cart or a luggage container or others. For situations where mobile RFID readers are preferred, Asset360 has support for them as well.

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