RFID for warehouses



Radio Frequency Identification

The Age of RFID is finally here!

Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and many other industries are discovering new use cases for this amazing and versatile technology!

Leverage Kutir’s experience to make sure that your RFID projects are done right. From the get go! Selecting the right hardware, integrating your existing software or building a custom software solution, troubleshooting, go-live – Kutir’s experts will be by your side, all the way through!

Featured Customers

Jonhson Controls
Home Depot
United Rentals
Nestle Waters
Seagull Scientific
Thompson Electric
Complete Innovations
Pacific Cheese
Life Connection of Ohio

“When we presented you with your award (ISV Award of Excellence, North America) at the Zebra GPS, we spoke about your pivotal role in moving our businesses forward this year by providing effective solutions to our mutual customers.  I would like to thank you again for your contribution and invaluable partnership.  Your collaboration with Zebra is something we value tremendously and we know that together, we will be market leaders and make the businesses we serve as smart and connected as the world we live in.”

Mark KrohVice President and General Manager,
Zebra Technologies

“Thanks again for the quick response. The team really appreciated it! The Pro Bowl went very well. We’ve got the Super Bowl parking this weekend so these are great proofs that the app can meet any operational needs.”

Bob ShepardProduct Manager, Parkmobile LLC

“Before TechDispatch™, our mobile workers made three to four calls a day. Now they handle hundreds of stops. TechDispatch™ has reduced our workloads and misinterpretations. On the clerical and reporting side, we have minimal handling of data. It’s as close to automatic and error-proof as it gets.”

“I received an email from my client saying we reached our 10,000 goal. This was several months ahead of the completion date, and she was very pleased. TechDispatch™ has given us the edge in maximizing our profits, too. Our overhead, fuel and labor costs have all gone down. It’s made a significant difference.”

Pat SmithService Manager, Thompson Electric