Inventory 360 is a cloud-based, inventory management system specifically for small-businesses. It has an intuitive, accessible interface with minimal learning curves, and is accessible via virtually any device with an internet connection. Pricing is simple and transparent, and our support is second-to-none. @import url(''); Generate reports Reduce write-offs Real-time item counts Barcode scanning KEY HIGHLIGHTS…

Proof of Delivery

ProofOfDelivery from Kutir Mobility is an application designed specifically to help PICK-UP & DELIVERY COMPANIES manage their complex operations, improve profitability and deliver exceptional customer experience. Eliminate Paperwork Increase Productivity Capture Proof of Delivery Delight Your Customers @import url(''); ProofOfDelivery greatly simplifies the DISPATCHING PROCESS by making it easy to Create, Schedule, Assign and Manage…


Key highlights include: On-line/off-line capable mobile app Catalog of assets Track unlimited assets Unlimited categories  of assets Select assets to “check out” Capture date and signature View asset-return due dates View total asset inventory View available asset inventory “Check In” Assets Print reports Mobile-server data synchronization Can be integrated with external applications Import/Export data Capture…


@import url(''); is a full-featured flexible, customizable web and mobile framework to manage field Service processes and personnel. Functionality includes work order assignment and management, Field Service personnel task management, asset/inventory management, route optimization and time tracking among other features. TECHDISPATCH from Kutir Mobility is an Enterprise-class application with a clean, colorful, intuitive User Interface…


Zatar is the first ARMmbed standards-based IoT cloud service that helps accelerate the development of IoT products and applications.
The Zatar device library brings your devices to life. The Zatar client API gives device data a meaningful voice. Zatar-enabled web apps bring it all together in a rich visual experience.


SOTI is a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader. SOTI has strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers, providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and they are constantly innovating to do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and successful.

Racing Radios

Racing Radios was conceived in 1974 when the Competition Director for NASCAR approached Diversified Electronics for assistance with racing radio communications problems. Diversified Electronics was successful in correcting the problems and, when word spread, became a source for several racing teams.